Monday, November 17, 2008

Recitation and Tea

This year, we're taking part in a wonderful co-op based on Charlotte Mason's principles of teaching. We meet twice per month, and each time one of the mothers presents a lesson on their chosen topic in a child-friendly way. It's been a lot of fun.

Today, we had our Recitation and Tea presentation. First, each child presented a piece of their choice, and then we had a lovely tea party with all kinds of treats brought in by some of the moms.

The girls each chose to recite one of the Psalms we've been memorizing for school. Emma did Psalm 1, and Abbie did Psalm 134. I'm going to try to post the videos of them. They both did an excellent job. Neither one seemed nervous when we talked about what they were going to do, so we just practiced a lot and I thought everyone was ready to go.

When it came time for Emma to recite, however, she looked at me with huge, terrified eyes and told me she wasn't going to do it! We had a brief, intense, whispered discussion, ending in the compromise that I would stand up with her. I thought she was going to faint, or cry, or throw up; possibly all three of those things. However, in true Emma fashion, she came through with flying colors. She clung to my hand for all she was worth, but once she started speaking, she said her piece perfectly. She didn't even falter when someone's cell phone started ringing. I am so proud of her!

Abbie went up by herself to recite, but you can probably tell from the video that she was quite nervous, too. Her face was very pale. She did a fabulous job too, though. I am proud as can be! Abbie is an amazing kid. First of all, when I told her she needed to select something to recite, we'd just started working on Psalm 134. She looked at it, told me that's what she was going to do, and then proceeded to have it memorized in less than 5 minutes. Also, she's my introvert, and she gets *really* nervous about anything involving being in front of other people. She never complains, though, and somehow knows how to get through it and do what she needs to do to get the job done.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Check out my Halloweenies!

The kids had a great time on Halloween, I think. We ditched school for the day, because we were all so excited that Todd was coming home, and also we were SO over staring at each other, it wasn't worth it. I did take them to Learning Express, where they chose to spend their gift cards from Grammy and Papa on what else but new Webkinz? Isaac got some magnetic gears with his.

I had to do a little work on Isaac's costume, even though we bought it at Target. The elastic in the hood was so tight, it squished his poor little face!

He did not think he should have to wear it.

Once I got it fixed, though, he was cute as could be!

The trick-or-treaters started coming before we even turned on the porch light. I was still finishing up sewing on Abbie's cloak. It wouldn't be Halloween if I wasn't sewing until the girls were walking out the door, you know. Emma got Isaac into his costume, and he toddled around while the girls were getting ready, fully expecting to be included in the plan, whatever it might have been. Needless to say, he was NOT impressed when they left without him!

After a little while dealing with the kids at my door, I decided to put the candy on my porch and take the Snort on a little trick-or-treat adventure of his own. He was so happy to be outside walking like a big boy. We started out next door with Papa Louie, who was visiting from Ohio, and was handing out candy for our neighbor, Dave. He was appropriately adoring of my tiny punkin and spent a lot of time telling me how cute he is. I do love Papa Louie! We went on to a couple more houses, and Isaac was sure each time that we were going inside for a visit, rather than just collecting loot and moving on. It was pretty funny. We ended up sitting and chatting with a couple of neighbors at the 4th stop we made, until the boy was too tired to take any more, and then we headed home. My candy bowl was empty - woo hoo! - so we went inside, turned off the porch light, and went upstairs for a bath.

Todd and the girlies went out with our neighbors, Mike and Terri, who also have 2 girls around Emma & Abbie's age. Todd has a much better time when he can talk to other adults, and the girls, of course, love anything involving friends. Todd got comments on wearing his Redwings jersey again - who knew people would remember what he wore out last year? He wears it as a jacket, but clearly it's a handy excuse for a costume, too.

Here are the girlies in their costumes:

Emma was a traveling princess, and Abbie was the fairy Silver Mist from the Disney fairies. I made Emma's entire costume, and Abbie's cloak.

Here is Emma at the Halloween Parade in our neighborhood:

Here is Abbie with her wings on, which she refused to wear after this one time because they "dig into her pits:"

They got more candy than they will ever be allowed to eat. I believe a good time was had by all!