Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Don't you love productive days?

OK, so we haven't done school - yet. However, so far today I have:
  • Gotten a file folder frame for my portable cart for our school stuff, and gotten everything in it organized. (Woo hoo!)
  • Scheduled Emma's pediatric dentist appointment
  • Called the OB to schedule an appointment to discuss my gestational diabetes.
  • Rescheduled my chiropractor appointment so I can go to the previously mentioned OB appointment
  • Scheduled the replacement of the windshield on the minivan - the crack has been go\rowing since October and we decided we would rather not go on vacation with a big crack through the driver's viewing area
This has been a big day, can't you tell? The cleaning ladies, bless them, have also been here and a friend came to pick up a Mary Kay order so we went to lunch.

I know most of it was phone calls - I have been putting them all off for a very long time and I'm feeling quite as sense of accomplishment today.

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