Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scmooeyful Updates

My (not so) tiny boy has been busy this week! He's officially 10 months old. He's now pulled himself up to stand at least 3 times all on his own. Check it out - he's very proud of himself!

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time, he pushed himself up to sit from his tummy. Today, Emma found him sitting up in his crib after his nap, and asked me if I'd laid him down when I put him to bed. She found him sitting up. I'm not sure how she thought he'd slept for two hours like that. Hee.

While he is not officially crawling, he does seem to be able to levitate. He can move himself several feet across a room without seeming to do so at all. I can be right next to him and not see him move. It's bizarre.

Last week, the girls went to Vacation Bible School at Peace Presbyterian Church, at the invitation of our very good friends, the Huffstedtlers. That's where Abbie went to preschool when she was 4, and we LOVED it. We will send the Snort there if we're still living here when he's old enough to go. I don't have any indication that we won't be living here, you know, I'm just hopeful that someday we will be living closer to family. But I digress. The reason I brought up Bible school is that I have the cutest picture of the Snort with his good friend Jack (of Huffstedtler fame), discovering grass together. Neither of them were particularly sure they liked it.

And really, for cuteness' sake, you must check out these pictures of the Snort and his fabulous 'do:

A couple of nights, he got these wacky curls going and they were just adorable! I think it fluffs up like that when I use hooded towels. I'm hopeful that his hair will come in curly. There are definitely waves happening! Isn't he just the cutest?

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