Saturday, March 18, 2006

I started a blog?

Well, this is interesting! I wanted to respond to a post on a friend's blog, and discovered that in the process, I would be starting one of my own. Hmmm....

I started out calling it "Sunflower House" - I love sunflowers. They are such bright, happy flowers, and they permeate my house with their cheerful faces. Also, there is a sweet children's book called The Sunflower House that my girls and I enjoy tremendously. I was going to hame our homeschool "Sunflower House", but then someone pointed out that it will be the name on my children's diplomas and transcripts, and I decided that we will be "Acorn Hill Academy," instead. It's boring, and will make no sense if we ever move, but it works for now.

Why did I call myself 2lilreds? I am the proud mom of two little redheaded girls. They are the delight of my life. They are 367 days apart in age, which makes for lots of fun and lots of challenges. We've just started our homeschool journey together, and we're having a great time and learning a lot - and not just academically. :-)

I don't know that I have anything significant to say, so we will just see where this little piece of cyberspace takes me. Welcome - and God bless.

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