Monday, April 02, 2007

And we're having.....


Today was our level 2 ultrasound, which we got to have because I will be 36 when "Schmooey" is born. The girls and Todd came to the appointment with me, and we were all excited to see the baby. It was incredible - they measured the baby's head, stomach, arm bones, leg bones. We saw all 4 chambers of the heart. (To be perfectly honest, he kept looking at things and telling me what they were, and I thought most of them were the baby's head.)

We got to see the tiny little spine, and watch the little bugger beating up on the inside of me.
The ultrasound technician asked if we wanted to know what we're having, and of course we said yes - did he really think I was lying there for any other reason? :-) He said, immediately, "You're having a boy."

I said, "No, really."

He said, "No, really, you're having a boy," and pointed out the very clear evidence to me (once I knew what I was looking for).

Todd and I were nonplussed. We were both expecting another girl because, well, we have girls and an attic full of pink clothes. The girls both cried because they wanted a little sister. The poor ultrasound tech and the doctor were quite surprised at our reactions. They thought we would be a little more excited by the news that we were having a boy after two girls, I think. They printed a picture of the baby's wee bum with an arrow pointing at the important parts, labeled "BOY" so I would remember, I suppose.

On the way out of the office, we started discussing what we might name a boy, since we'd been mainly talking about girl names. Abbie piped up with, "I think we should name him Herman!"

I said, "Herman, huh?"

She said, "Yes! Herman DeeDee Hollmann!"

I tried hard to keep a straight face and failed completely. Herman Hollmann - can you imagine? What a funny little nut my Abbie is.

I don't think we will be naming him Herman.

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