Sunday, August 26, 2007

This week in the hottest August on record in North Carolina....

We had a pretty good week. Monday and Tuesday, there was a lot of art being created at our house. The girls do love it when we get out the paint!

Also, on Wednesday we went up to the Homeschool Gathering Place, to see if they might have a used copy of a reading program I'd like to use for the Bean. They didn't have it, and for the FIRST TIME EVER I didn't buy anything while I was there! Woo Hoo!

Then, I took the girls over to the nearby mall - not high on my list of fun places, usually, but we had some clothes to return for Schmooey that I'd bought, and Kanki is there - my very favorite Japanese steak house. The girlies were sure that Subway was the better choice, but I was able to convince them to try Kanki with me, and they had a great time. It's one of those places where they come out and grill the food right in front of you plus do nifty things with their knives and such. The girls were fascinated! Emma told me she was so interested in watching our chef that she actually forgot about horseback lessons for a few minutes. That in itself was quite a miracle. Abbie decided to try shrimp, and she really liked it! She even ate all her leftovers. It seems that my choice of restaurants was a hit!

After Kanki, we wandered over to the Disney store and found Schmooey's coming home outfit! I was so excited.

Saturday was my birthday, and the girls painted picture frames for me. They did such a nice job! Abbie had decided at least a week before that she wanted to make a picture frame for me. We nearly had a crisis when Emma said something about Abbie wanting a picture for me while we were at Target. We were able to avoid catastrophe when I told Abbie that we would pretend Emma didn't say anything, and that I wouldn't remember it. Abbie was much relieved and said, "That's right, you don't remember things very well, do you, Mom?" Heh. Sad, but true.

Todd gave me new Birkenstocks for my birthday - woo hoo! They are the same style as my old ones, but you certainly wouldn't know it by comparing the old pair to the new pair. The old ones have paint, spit-up, and various other substances of unknown origin staining them. The new ones are still suede-looking and clean. They are a new canvas awaiting their stains from the walk of life. Ha.

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