Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grateful in spite of me....

Now, this is unrelated to the baby, but still very cool. My grandmother sent some necklaces to the girlies, and they asked my mom to help them write thank-you notes. Isn't that sweet? I'm terrible about writing thank-yous so I was so impressed that they asked to write them. My mom wrote out what Emma wanted to say, and then Abbie had a hard time copying so my mom told her which letters to write. Look how they turned out! (Of course, it was also an excuse for them to use their stamp set, which had been put away after they stamped on our new carpet a few months back, bur Grandma didn't know that, and it was time for a second chance, anyway.)

Here is Emma's:

And here is Abbie's:

I thought it was really cool that Abbie wanted her great-grandma to come for Christmas. She's been asking about that for a while, and was disappointed that she couldn't make it down when the baby was born. She and Great-Grandma haven't always seen eye to eye, so I was touched that Abbie would ask for her to come.

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