Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ballet for Tots

Recently, Emma has been teaching Isaac ballet with renewed fervor. I hear things like this:

"Tendu, piqué, piqué, close." (He giggles a lot when they do piqués. I think it's the high-pitched tone Emma uses, and also the way she bonks his foot on the floor.]

"Plié, Zacky. Keep your arms down. Perfect!"

"Whatever makes you hold on to the barre is fine. Even if you need to shake it." [We have a Bella Dancerella barre. If you've not experienced a Bella Dancerella video, count your blessings. That annoying song gets stuck in my head every time I even glimpse the barre. There it goes again...... ack.]

Isaac, of course, adores his sisters, and anything they want to do with (to) him at this point is just ducky with him. Below, please see pictures of these educational sessions.

Here he is in his "bridal" outfit:

Dancing with Emma Sister:

Did you know you can learn ballet before you can walk?

Look, Mom, aren't I lovely?

Now that we're done, I believe I shall eat my skirt.

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