Monday, June 09, 2008

Isaac Has Been Busy!

At 9 months old, my boy is still not crawling - not that I'm complaining, mind you! He has certainly been learning new things, though.

On Friday night at our small group, he went from sitting to his hands and knees - getting ready to go somewhere, for sure! - for the first time. Woo hoo! The girls have been putting him on his hands and knees for quite a while, and he loves to rock, but he's been "fixing to get started thinking about" crawling for quite a while. I don't remember when Abbie started to crawl, but I know Emma was crawling by 9 months. We are, however, on Isaac time here, and that's quite a different thing.

If you ask him to say "uh oh!" he says "ah ah!" It's terribly cute.

At the doctor's office last Tuesday, they asked me if he was playing patty cake yet. I had to answer honestly that no, he was not, but I had not asked him to, either. Heh. Yet another thing I don't remember about babies.... but, I digress. Abbie taught him that afternoon how to clap his hands. Go, Abbie-sister! It is just adorable when a baby learns to clap their hands, isn't it? Now, of course, it's old hat, and he won't do it on demand anymore. I'm hoping to get it on video.

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