Wednesday, July 09, 2008

WIP Wednesday

I started knitting my first pair of socks! I'm so excited. The yarn is Touché by Berroco, in Iris (cw 7933), and I love it! It's not only purple, it's very soft. I'm using the Beginner Socks #9728 pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. What's nice about it is that it uses worsted weight yarn and larger needles, which makes my first pair of socks go much more quickly than regular socks on those tiny needles. Heh. I am definitely an "instant gratification" knitter, so I'm delighted to see how quickly my first sock is knitting up. The very nice woman at Loops and Links in DePere, WI showed me this pattern and said that it's great for beginners. I'm particularly pleased at how easy it is to follow, because I'm pretty much teaching myself how to knit socks!

And, here is a picture of Schmooey's sweater!

I found the free pattern on Lion Brand's website, except when I saw originally looked at it, it showed "boy colors" in the picture and showed a baby on his tummy. When I went back to find it again, it showed "girly colors" and a baby sitting up. Weird, eh? I was a bit confused and wasn't sure I had the same pattern. Anyway, I'm using Cotton Fleece yarn by Brown Sheep Company in Putty (cw 105), Teddy Bear (cw 025), and Wild Sage (cw 029). It's a cotton/wool yarn, and has a really nice texture. I started it on needles that are a little too large, so I'm going to re-start it on the right size. (I made a swatch and everything. It's a long story.) I really like the colors though, and I think it will be a wonderful sweater for most of the year in NC.

I had originally chosen a gray color instead of the green, but when I got back to Jessie's house and looked at it, I didn't care for it. The gray was a discontinued color and was a great price, hence my reason for choosing it, but it just wasn't working for me. I do love the green though.

Perhaps next week I will have made more progress on my cross-stitch piece for Schmooey's room. I will try to remember to put a picture of that on here.

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  1. YAH for you! Great job! I love sock knitting. I have 3 different pairs at various stages in the works right now. Plus a sweater vest (snoozing for now since it is hot) and a lace shawl.