Monday, April 16, 2007

Love Notes

This week while I was getting ready for the day, the girlies made "love notes" for their daddy and me. They are so cute. Emma wrote "Emma L. Hollmann" and "Mommy" on hers. Then she used a bunch of heart stickers to write "I Heart Y" all over the picture.

Abbie wrote on hers, "Abbie G. Hollmann" and "Mommy Hollmann" with a backwards "y." I got such a kick out of the Abbie G. - I tried to tell her later that her middle name is really Ruth, and that her first name is Abigail - not Abbie Gail. She glared at me and clearly did not believe that I was telling her the truth. I think she knows her name is Abigail Ruth - I call her Abbie Ruth quite often and I know I've heard her call herself "Abigail Ruth Hollmann" before. Today, however, she was not buying it.

I told Emma that usually people would write "I Heart U" on notes like that, but she explained to me that it's the way the sign works for "I love you" - it's a combination of I, L and Y. We sign it to each other all the time. I thought that was pretty darn smart, to figure that out! Aren't the notes cute?

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