Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Those Funny Girls

This week is our "H-h Horse" week with our My Father's World Kindergarten curriculum. On Monday, we go to go to my friend Shawn's house and groom her quarter horse, Sunshine. The girls had a wonderful time. Abbie walked right up to Sunshine and groomed her with a soft curry brush. Emm, of course, had to wait a minute to make sure Abbie wouldn't be eaten or anything, and then she joined in too. Abbie got to comb Sunshine's mane, and Emma got to brush her bangs. I know that's not what they are called on horses, but the real name escapes me right now.

I had so much fun doing school with my girls today! We got our math done, and they both had spelling dictation, so I started with Emma while Abbie colored a picture of a horse - pink and blue, I'd like to note.

Emma's spelling words involved the sound "ew" like in flew, and long "o" spelled "o_e." She had to choose which column to put them in.

Emma is an excellent speller, but every now and then she gets it into her head that she just can't spell something. That happened today when we got to the word "drew." She had spelled "new" and "flew" just fine, but she could not seem to hear the "r" in "drew" and wanted to write "dew." She started to get upset, so I told her we would come back to it - unfortunately, the next word was "grew" which presented the same problem.

Abbie knew that Emma was missing the "r" and was just itching to tell her. (They like to give each other answers.) I looked at her and told her that she was NOT to give Emma the answers today because she needed to figure it out for herself. So, she looked hard at Emma, and then started drawing little "r's" on over her horse picture, a few at a time. Then, she would look at Emma again, who remained clueless, and turn the "r's" into circles and color them in. She did this several times, while I tried (and failed) not to giggle. Emma kept asking what was going on, but I told her if she didn't get it I wasn't going to tell her.

That Abbie Ruth is so much like her daddy sometimes! Tell her she can't do something, and she will find a back door - she's not doing exactly what she's not supposed to do, but she accomplishes her goal.

I did tell her after we got the spelling words straightened out, and we all laughed. They never cease to amaze me.

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