Monday, January 14, 2008

Look at Schmooey Go!

Schmooey went to the doctor last week for his 4-month checkup, and he is doing very well. He was 27 inches long (from 25" at 2 months), 18 lbs 9 oz (from 14 lbs something), and his head is 45 cm around (up from 42 cm). He's in 9 month clothes now, and looks huge to me. I thought, since he is most likely my last baby, that God would allow him to grow up a little more slowly. Not so, as it turns out.

Last week, in addition to going to the doctor, he found his toes, and showed us that in spite of doing very little "tummy time," he can flip over just fine from his stomach to his back, thankyouverymuch. When Grandma and Grandpa were here for Christmas, they got to see him roll from his back to his tummy, but he has not done it again - he really doesn't care for being on his stomach at all. He will go approximately 2/3 the way over, then stick his leg out to stop himself. He wants to see what's going on, but not from his tummy.

Mom put me on my tummy, and I am NOT pleased.

Why must she do this? Can she not see that I am tired and naked, for goodness' sake?

Little does she know that I've figured this whole thing out. She is no longer able to torture me this way.

Oh, look! Toes!

(I do have better pictures of him grabbing his toes, but they were a little more... revealing, shall we say. :-)

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