Monday, January 14, 2008

Look At These Babies!

When my parents were here for Christmas, my dad picked up a picture of Abbie (dressed in pink and flowers), and said, "Wow, Isaac really looks like Todd!" I said, "Yes, he does, Dad, but that is a picture of Abbie." He said, "Wow, Isaac really looks like Abbie!"

That conversation inspired me to get out my baby books of the girlies and see who I thought he looked most like. Truly, their hospital pictures are hard to tell apart. If I look at them now, I can see them each in there, but eit was hard to tell who was who, except for the backgrounds in the photos, particularly right after we had Abbie.

I thought, just for fun, I'd post pics of all three of my angel babies so you can judge for yourself. Please indulge my little stroll down memory lane. Something about Schmooey has made me quite nostalgic.

Here is a picture of Emma at around 3 months:

Here is a picture of Abbie around that age:

And here is Zacky-doodle, as he is fondly known, at close to the same age too:

I think he looks like a nearly perfect blend of the two girls, but when I look at lots of baby Emma pictures, I think he looks more like her now. Who knows what I will think in a few more months? They were all so cute, I can hardly stand it. And, no, I am NOT biased; my babies were the cutest ever. So there.

And here, because I am determinedly taking you with me on this little journey, is a gratuitous picture of Emma reading a book with her daddy.

Doesn't that just melt your heart?

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