Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick Update

This week, the Snort has decided that playing Patty Cake is the coolest thing EVER. He will clap his hands at you, and then your job is to say the Patty Cake rhyme, roll his hands over each other when you get to that part, and make a big deal out of the "Throw it in the pan!" line. He giggles like a fool when we do that. It's great.

He can also blow a mean spit bubble. You know the kind, when a child says mmmmmwaaaaa and there is a bubble in their mouth? Very attractive, I must say. I had forgotten about this stage. It's pretty funny.

Still no crawling here, but boy, is he trying to pull up on things! I have informed him that I will in no way be encouraging his plan to skip crawling, but with little effect. He is a determined child.

Today, I was messing around with ring tones for my cell phone, not having been able to come up with anything better to do while driving, and decided that I should use the National Anthem for this week and next in honor of Independence Day. I told my girls that it was the National Anthem, and they said, "What, you mean the song they sing at hockey and baseball games?" Ahem. Yes. I even sang it for them, having been inspired by my new ring tone. Emma said I should be the one to sing it at the ball games because I sing better than most of the people she's heard there. Isn't she sweet? She earned some major cool points with that one.

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