Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Snort is 9 Months Old!

He officially hit the 9 month mark on Saturday, May 31, but we had his 9 month checkup today. He weighed in at 25 lbs 4 oz, and measured 30.5 inches long. That's a pretty big boy!

He has 4 teeth now, and likes to grind them (*shudder*). He is sitting up really well, and would very much like to be crawling! He can scoot backwards, and he rolls around to get anywhere he might like to go.

He's recently started getting upset when I leave the room, so I don't think crawling is far off - he has some motivation! Until the last couple of weeks, he's been a happy lump, content to stay where I put him and play. Now, though, he does not take kindly to being left out.

He's recently started some cute things - he will shake his head at you, and thinks it's quite funny when you shake your head back at him. He will play the head-shaking game for quite a while. He will also do it (less frequently) with lip smacking and tongue clicking.

Here he is lounging in the bath:

And here he is watching laundry spin in the washer:

Front loading washing machines: baby TV! Who knew?

Note that he's only wearing one sock. He LOVES to pull his socks off. He cracks me up.

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