Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cousins! Michigan Vacation Part 2

The best part of our trips to Michigan is visiting with family. We got to see all of the cousins this trip, except for Christopher. My brother and his family have a lot of travel starting in August, and they couldn't make it up. However, we had FOUR cousins come in one fell swoop when my sister and her family arrived!

Both girls had a great time playing with my sister's older girls, Faith and Norah. The little girls look up to the big girls so much, and the big girls adore them. Emma was trying to teach Faith (who is 3) how to read. Not that Faith necessarily wanted to learn to read, you know, but if Emma was going to teach her, it must have been the thing to do!

Several times, I saw Emma hold out her arms and invite the little girls to sit with her while they watched TV or whatever. Usually they would sit with her, but sometimes they would want to do something else, and that was OK too.

My girls loved the twins, too. They do so well with Isaac! He's getting big enough now that he prefers to move on his own steam, though, and the twins aren't mobile yet, so the girls had a great time playing with them. Also, they are quite a bit smaller than the Snort and thus much easier to hold and carry.

Aunt Jessie had a good time playing with Isaac. She would take him around to walk, and was even dancing with him at one point, which was adorable! I know I took a picture of the dancing, but I have no idea whose camera it's on, so I only have the walking.

They also played a cute little game. I don't know what the rules were, but there was a lot of giggling.

Isaac loved seeing the babies, too. He and Josh seem to know that they are the BOYS, and Isaac found him as soon as they arrived.

He didn't play favorites, though, and was delighted to pound Ashlyn on the head.

She didn't care much for that game, so we had to put a stop to it. I *think* he was trying to pat her head; we've been working a lot on "gentle" and "soft touching," and he does really well, for when he's patting the dog. Apparently our baby touches need a little work.

My parents, of course, were in heaven, with 7 of their 8 grandchildren all in one place. Joshy LOVES his Grandpa!

And that sweet Ashlyn is such a tiny thing, you could carry her around all day. She felt like a featherweight compared to my Snort, who was 28.13 lbs at the doctor the week before we left, thank you very much. I think Grandma was experiencing a tiny bit of heaven right there.

I, of course, never turn down a chance to spoil one of my nieces or nephews.

The best thing we did was to get a picture of all the grandkids with Great Grandma Shauver, as well as Grandma and Grandpa. It was no small feat, let me tell you!

From left to right, we have Joshua (wearing a pink onesie, poor boy; he got dressed in the dark), Abigail, Isaac, Grandpa, Emma, Great Grandma, Faith, Norah, Grandma and Ashlyn. I love pictures like this.

Last but not least, here is a gratuitous Snort picture, just because he's so very cute. He's showing off his musical prowess.

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