Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Michigan Vacation, Part 1

Here we are in Michigan! We've been visiting Grammy and Papa at their cottage. As an added bonus, there are cousins here too! The girls had a great time making friendship bracelets, tubing:

paddle boating:

Bedazzling, and I think even riding on the jet ski. I am not a fan of water sports so I tried not to watch, and I'm not sure about the jet ski - but I did hear it on the lake so I'm guessing everyone had a ride. The Snort really liked the water, too! Daddy helped him walk in the water:

And then he was happy to sit and splash.

He had fun playing with everyone, especially Grammy. She got out blocks:

and a really fun phone:

If you said "Say hello!" he would put it up to his ear like that. So cute!

And, Jeff & Leigh's dog Baxter is such a sweet, long-suffering soul. Isaac really liked him! He was good for climbing:

and for building with blocks, too:

Baxter was a rescue lab, and he came from a puppy mill. He had a hard life before he came to Jeff and Leigh, but he's come such a long way! He is the very picture of why labs are such outstanding dogs to have with children. (Our poor dog, Toby, really does not care for itty bits and moves as quickly away from Isaac as he can, whenever there is the slightest possibility of contact.)

The Snort was teething during these few days, and hasn't slept much, but now that we're ready to leave (of course) he seems to be doing better. Tomorrow afternoon, we head up to the U.P!

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