Monday, February 11, 2008

Breaking News: Copywork brings major crisis for 7-year-old

This morning, we started school with math. That went over pretty well, especially since they only had to do one page with a whopping three problems. I got out their mini-offices that we used last year, since Emma tends to wait until Abbie completes her problems and copy the answers.

Then, Abbie went on to do her MFW phonics, and Emma was supposed to do her copywork. I don't ask a lot; she writes the date, her name, and one or two sentences from Farmer Boy, since that's what we're reading right now.

First, she wrote the date in deplorable handwriting and asked me if it was all right. I told her she'd have to redo it. This brought on tears.

Then, the pictures of letters and digraphs in her mini-office proved to be too distracting to allow her to complete her copywork, so I removed hers. More tears.

I told her we had to do school, whether she thought it was fun or not. I offered to let her work on her addition facts lapbook and then come back to the copywork. She informed me, through her pitiable weeping, that she did not wish to do either one.

I had her go to her room and lay on her bed with her blankie and bear until she feels better. That was approximately 45 minutes ago, and I've seen no signs of her coming out. I wonder if she's asleep?

I think that's a large part of the problem. I came to the conclusion last week that the girls are going to have to give up naps, because they don't sleep very long anyway and this way I can put them to bed earlier. Apparently earlier isn't early enough - we will have to work on that. I knew the transition into no naps would be rough, and that's why we haven't done it before. I can't take the whining.

Ah - I see my Bean in the doorway. I hope she's decided that we can complete school now. I wanted to go get some knitting needles today, but school has to get done first. Here's hoping we get to go later!

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