Saturday, July 20, 2013

In Need of Hide-and-Seek Training

Isaac loves it when his Daddy is home on the weekends. He helps with whatever Todd might be doing, from laundry to house projects. He loves it best, though when Daddy can PLAY.

This afternoon, Isaac convinced Todd to play hide-and-seek. First, Todd hid behind the loveseat in the living room. When Isaac came in to find him, he looked (I thought) behind the loveseat from the left side, didn't see him, and went searching through the rest of the house. He finally came back down to the living room and looked behind the loveseat from the other side, and found Todd. Isaac cackled with triumphant glee, which sent me into fits of giggles.

Then it was Isaac's turn to hide. Todd sat with me on the couch while Isaac began searching for his hiding spot. He chose to crawl underneath the dining room table. I heard him say to his sister in the kitchen, "Don't tell Dad where I'm hiding, Abbie!" Our downstairs goes in one big circle and you can  hear each other from anywhere on the first floor. The silly boy didn't even whisper! Todd, Abbie and I were all quite entertained by this. Todd called out to Isaac, "Are you ready for me to come and find you?" Isaac replied with a cheerful "Yep!"

Hiding in the dog's crate
After Todd took his turn hiding and was found, Isaac went in search of another hiding spot. Apparently Daddy was taking too long, though, because he came out of hiding (behind the loveseat), went upstairs and asked Todd why he wasn't seeking. Todd told Isaac to come back down and hide, gave him a 10-count, and then found him trying to hide behind his train table, which sits out in the middle of the floor.

Then it was Todd's turn, and he high-tailed it upstairs to hide. Isaac giggled loudly when he found Daddy again, and then said, "OK! My turn!" and began to count, "One, two, three,"  then remembered he was supposed to be hiding - "Oh, wait!" -  and ran off.

The last time Todd hid, he covered himself with an afghan next to me on the couch. Subtle, right? Isaac did look around for a bit before he noticed the giant blue-and-yellow giggling lump, though. He said, "Oh, what is that big lump on the couch? I think I'll check it out. Hello, Fodder!"

Best quote of the day: "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" when Isaac found Todd in the office. :-D

Isaac doesn't quite get the concept of hiding. At least, he doesn't seem to understand how not to give himself away. He counted, loudly, for Todd several times to make sure Daddy "sought" in a timely fashion. He will figure it out eventually, but he provides us with a lot of entertainment in the meantime. What a great afternoon activity for this rainy day!

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