Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Ragamuffin - A Movie About Rich Mullins

There is something about music that moves us, stirs our souls, and inspires us. There are so many different kinds of music, surely everyone can find something that connects with them.

One of my favorite Christian artists is Rich Mullins. His music is real, challenging, and inspiring. His songs talk about issues that affect every Christian. He does not mince words, or try to hide behind his own spirituality - he shared openly about his own life in his music. Here is the video for my favorite song of his, and in fact probably my favorite song of all time, "Hold Me Jesus":

Here's one more, that I sing to myself often:

Let mercy lead, let love be the strength in your legs
And with every footprint that you leave
There'll be a drop of grace
If we can reach beyond the wisdom of this age
Into the foolishness of God, that foolishness will save
Those who believe
And though their foolish hearts will break, they will find peace
And I'll meet you in that place where mercy leads
-Let Mercy Lead, Rich Mullins

Unfortunately, he passed away in September of 1997, as the result of a car accident. He was only 42. His music lives on, though, and we listen to it often in our house. Everyone likes it, from my husband down to my 5-year-old. If you haven't heard him before, I recommend checking out his "Songs" album, which is a compilation of his "greatest hits." You can find it on Amazon, or on iTunes. I believe you will be blessed.

There is also a wonderful book by Brennan Manning called The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up and Burned Out. Brennan Manning was a Franciscan priest, and his calling was to "help sinners journey from self-hatred to self acceptance" (link to article on Brennan Manning, who passed away in April). He inspired Rich to a deeper relationship with God. This is a book worth reading. I'm reading it myself right now. Would you like to join me?

I just learned today that there is a movie about Rich Mullins! I can't wait to see it. Check out the website here; you can also find it on Facebook and Twitter. Here is a preview:

OK. I'll stop now. My heart overflows when I listen to his music - I can't quite find the words to express that to you, but I hope you will explore it for yourself.

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