Saturday, September 14, 2013

REVIEW: PeopleKeys Student Binder

My girls have reached an age when they've begun to wonder what they might like to do with their lives. I don't remember this weighing on my heart as heavily as it seems to on theirs, but I probably went through stages when it did. I was glad to have the opportunity to review the StudentKeys Student Binder from PeopleKeys, as a step in the process of understanding their learning styles and what kinds of careers might suit them in the future.  

The Student Binder in intended for children ages 13 and up, and includes the following workbooks:
  • The Personality Style Workbook
  • The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook
  • The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook
  • The Values Style Workbook
  • The Career Style Workbook
  • The Goal Setting Workbook
I gave the binder to my 13 year old daughter, Emma, and let her fill it out on her own. I thought she might come to me with questions, but she didn't. I should have known; she's very independent and loves to learn things through reading. Here is Emma's review of the StudentKeys binder:

"What I liked about StudentKeys was how it helps you identify yourself. It showed me how I think, and how I learn. It gave me tips on ways I could change my work style to suit my learning style.

The workbooks give you questions that make you think. They really help you learn about yourself.

My favorite part is reading about the different learning styles. Everything starts to click when you start reading.

It also shows you what jobs are out there in the "Career Choice Workbook." I have looked at the list, and I'm sure you will find something."

When Emma was younger, we took her to a Sylvan Learning Center for an evaluation of her learning style. She told me she liked to "see things and hear things, but not do things." So, she is a visual and auditory learner, but not so much kinesthetic. Those characteristics showed up again in the results from the workbooks as she worked through them. I had to laugh when she told me there is only ONE occupation listed that combines both of her dominant learning styles. 

I lean heavily toward being an auditory learner, and I've only learned that about myself in the last few years. I've had several conversations with friends who knew they were auditory learners when they attended college, and they were able to do several things that made it easier for them to retain information, even when it wasn't presented to their learning styles. One friend had a small tape recorder, and recorded all her lectures. She would then listen to them as she typed up her notes in the evenings. Another friend used to walk up and down the halls of her dorm and read her textbooks out loud to herself. I can't tell you how many nights I fell asleep at the library, trying to read textbooks. These ideas are brilliant! I wish I had known then.

In one of the workbooks, Emma was asked which relationship in her life she'd most like to improve. She chose her sister, and identified some of her personality characteristics as well. She let Abbie take some of the tests, too, and I know Abbie would like her own binder. I'd like to get her one, as well. Emma talks a lot, but Abbie doesn't, so if she works through her own binder, we could go through the results together and I think that would be great information for both of us.

I love that the StudentKeys binder has taught Emma more about herself, and we will talk about her learning and personality styles, and how we can use them to her advantage, but also how to strengthen those areas in which she is weaker. I've taken personality tests before, and so has my husband (we are exact opposites, which makes me giggle sometimes). The information is one piece of the relationship puzzle that helps us understand each other better and so strengthens our relationship. This is great information for anyone, and especially our children as they seek their paths in this world.

The Student Binder is available from PeopleKeys for $49.00.

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