Saturday, October 19, 2013

Life Skills at Co-Op

At our little Charlotte Mason co-op, we have a time slot for handicrafts and life skills. The first thing we did this semester was make some pillow cases to donate to children who have cancer. That was fun! They were easy to make, and it was a good feeling to think we were sending a small touch of love to children who are so very ill.

Since we finished our pillow cases, we've all been learning CPR. I've taken CPR before, but my certification has lapsed, so I'm grateful for the refresher. What's so neat about this is that she was able to get two kits for us to use at home, with DVD instructions and inflatable manikins to practice on! One is called Mini Anne, for practicing adult/child CPR, and the other is called Mini Baby, for practicing infant CPR.

Both of these kits are available from the American Heart Association, and they are only $34.95 each. You can sometimes purchase them through Amazon, but I couldn't find any consistent links to share. I'm not an affiliate for these kits, or anything like that. As we were practicing, I remembered why it's so important to learn CPR - you never know when you might be the only person who can save someone's life. What a great skill for kids to learn!

I was able to sign my girls up for a CPR certification class last week, and they will be getting their books and cards in the mail. They were both nervous, because they didn't know many of the other kids taking the class, but I think they had a good time. I'm proud of them for completing it, anyway.

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