Sunday, January 25, 2009

All The Pretty Little (Imaginary) Horses

This afternoon, the girls were out playing with our neighbors, having a grand time, I thought. At one point, Abbie came stomping up the stairs, obviously not pleased with the way things were going. I asked her what was wrong, and she informed me that she was being TORTURED outside. When I asked her what was going on, she told me that Emma had been yanking on her shirt and yelling at her, because they were playing something Emma didn't want to play. I opened up a window and asked Emma what was going on. Here is a record of our conversation.

Me: Em, why were you yelling at your sister?

Emma: I told her she can't ride any of my imaginary horses!

Me: Are you really telling me that you were hitting your sister because she was pretending to ride your imaginary horses?

Emma: I love horses! What's your point?

Me: Do you know how silly it sounds when you tell me you're upset with your sister for riding your imaginary horses?


Me: If you can't play nicely with your sister, Sydney can go home and you can come in and take a nap. Do you understand me?

Emma: Sulky look, nods.

Me: You will say, "Yes, Mom, I will be nice to my sister."

Emma: (grudgingly) Yes, Mom I will be nice to my sister.

Me: (Still wondering if I am actually having this conversation)OK then.

After I finished this interesting discussion with Emma, I told Abbie that she should stop trying to ride Emma's imaginary horses. I suggested that she make up her own horses to ride, since we both knew she was doing it to push her sister's buttons. She grinned at me and went back outside. That was the last I heard on the issue.

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