Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden Tour - Greensboro, NC, January 17, 2009o

Todd and I went to see the Eagles in concert last night. The show was FABULOUS. I have to say that I was struck by how old all the guys looked - they are all 60 or 61 (I looked it up). I asked Todd if he could picture our dads up there rockin' out, and we both giggled at the mental picture. It made no difference to the performance, though.

The band came on stage wearing dark suits and ties. It was not what I would consider typical concert attire, but they did look sharp and it was perhaps appropriate for men in their 60's. After the break, they did remove their jackets.

Here is the playlist. I had to Google it, because I didn't have anything to write on. Here is the link to a pretty good blog review of the show I found (aside from some spelling errors and the fact that Don Henley announced the break, not Glen Frey).

1. “How Long”
2. “Busy Being Fabulous”
3. “I Don’t Want to Hear Anymore”
4. “Guilty of the Crime”
5. “Hotel California”
6. “Peaceful Easy Feeling”
7. “I Can’t Tell You Why”
8. “Witchy Woman”
9. “Lyin’ Eyes”
10. “Boys of Summer”
11. “In the City”
12. “The Long Run”


13. “No More Walks in the Woods”
14. “Waiting in the Weeds”
15. “No More Cloudy Days”
16. “Love Will Keep Us Alive”
17. “Take It to the Limit”
18. “Long Road out of Eden”
19. “Somebody”
20. “Walk Away”
21. “One of These Nights”
22. “Life’s Been Good”
23. “Dirty Laundry”
24. “Funk #49”
25. “Heartache Tonight”
26. “Life in the Fast Lane”
27. “Rocky Mountain Way”
28. “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”

29. “Take It Easy”
30. “Desperado”

What a show! It was 3 hours long, and we still felt as if they'd just gotten started when they were done. I missed hearing "Wasted Time," "Best of My Love," and Don Henley's "Heart of the Matter." Todd and I also thought it was interesting that Glen Frey didn't do any of his solo stuff. In the past, we've heard "Smuggler's Blues" and "You Belong to the City."

The Eagles are known, I believe, for their amazing harmonies. They didn't disappoint last night, particularly with their acoustic set - they sang five songs beautifully, as only they can: “No More Walks in the Woods,” “Waiting in the Weeds,” “No More Cloudy Days,” “Love Will Keep Us Alive,” and “Take It to the Limit.” Interestingly, Glen Frey sang "Take It to the Limit," so they had to change the key for him. How do I know this? I really like to sing along to that song, and I had a hard time - the key wasn't low enough for me to take it up an octave, and it was too low for me to sing comfortably along with them.

For some reason, we don't yet own the album for this tour, "Long Road Out Of Eden." According to our program, it's the first album they've released with new content in 28 years. Doesn't sound like a big deal, perhaps, but I really like to be able to sing along and there were several songs I didn't know due to this oversight. Todd ordered the album today and I will be learning the lyrics shortly. (This is important so I can sing along when we see them next time - you know, when they're all about 70. Heh.)

One of the most fun parts of any Eagles concert is Joe Walsh. When he came up to sing "Life's Been Good," he said to the crowd, "This is the song your parents played all the time when you were growing up. It's why you're a little bit odd. Wanna hear it again?" The whole crowd laughed. He likes to make up new lyrics, too, and this time he sang, "I have a limo, ride in the back; My rubber duck, it doesn't go quack!" Good ol' Joe.

I did have a new experience for me at this concert. It was the first time I saw a crowd of people whip out their cell phones rather than their lighters for a song - I think it was "Desperado." I have heard of this phenomenon, but had not experienced it previously.

I took some pictures with my cell phone, and Todd's, and I'm working on getting them off to see how they look. I hope to post a couple. I know I got a pretty good shot of the "Hotel California" stage background, and I think some pretty good ones with Todd's phone. His phone has zoom, but I did not know that until he gave it to me for the second half of the concert. My phone does not, so my pictures are a bit questionable. We shall see.

Finally, I would like to make a suggestion to those folks sitting behind us last night. If you're thinking about coming to another rock concert expecting to sit down through the entire thing, you should consider staying home and renting the DVD when it comes out. At the very least, try to get tickets in the "old fart" section, because that's where you should sit. My mom assured me today that if she and my dad had not had me to educate them about rock concerts, they would not have known that people like to stand up, dance and sing and that expecting the audience to sit through everything is just silly. You have been duly informed.

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